Microsoft Office 365 - Pros And Cons


Traditionally, Microsoft Office has been a software application that you download and install onto one or more PC's under a single or multiple user license agreement.

First come  in 2010 and extended in 2013 to incorporate new plans, Microsoft Office 365 is a pay-more only as costs arise membership adaptation giving ONLINE admittance to different programming and administrations eliminating the need to have your own Microsoft Small Business Server. Normally the plans can include:

. Typically the plans can include:

·         Microsoft Office Suite (word, publisher, excel etc)

·         Microsoft Exchange Online (hosted email)

·         Microsoft Lync 2010 (communications server)

·         Sharepoint Document Management (document server)

·         Skydrive Storage

·         Malware Protection


So is MS Office 365 appropriate for you and your business?

The Pros of Office 365

·         Your applications can be accessed via any device (including mobile), through any web browser as long as you have the correct permissions and access to an internet connection, (even wi-fi).

·         Reduced capital expenditure

·         Instead of paying for new versions, Office 365 upgrades are automatically included within your subscription

·         Numerous clients can approach similar reports, for instance you can store archives in Sharepoint 2010 and be able to make changes, survey forms or even leave notes for associates..

·         Greater server stability, with a high uptime Service Level Agreement. (assumes network reliability)

The Cons of Office 365

·         Your data is stored in 'the Cloud' in Microsoft Data Centres so you are reliant on both network and bandwidth. If you loose your  internet connection  in middle  you will lose access to your software and data until it is restored


·         You have almost no power over this 'cloud' climate your information is put away in, while there are uptime ensures any datacentre framework disappointment can directly affect the accessibility of Office 365. If Microsoft or other high end Data Centre provider outages do occur, small businesses have no leverage

·         You may consider there to be higher security risks associated with 'online' data storage. If this is a key factor for your business, there are upgrade options available but they could be cost prohibitive.

·         Application performance may be slower over an internet connection, especially if you have home based users with inferior internet connectivity and broadband speeds. This could have   reduce your productivity

·         There is a limit of email recipients in a particular day


With any IT decision it's always better to seek help to identify the impact on your business and how to minimise any potential risk.

More info : Office 365 download



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