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Office 365 is an improved Office subscription that helps you to unlock your creativity, enhance your critical thinking, as well as improve your productivity. The subscription plans of Office 365 are packed with high-end features. Some of the notable features of the product are stated below.

In-built Premium Applications: Office 365 provides you the access to numerous premium applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, One Note, and Publisher. Along with these applications, you will also get the services such as OneDrive, Exchange, and Skype.

Multiple User Enabled: One Office 365 subscription can be used by multiple users. You can share your subscription with up to 6 users to make the most of every single penny you spend on it.

Ultimate cloud storage: For backing up of data to keep it secure, Office 365 download provides 1 TB cloud storage for every Office user. You can easily save your file over there and access it anytime you need it. It also makes the file sharing easy and quick.

Promote Teamwork: Office pays a lot of attention to individual growth through its products. Hence, it helps in promoting teamwork in your workplace and educational institution through online meetings and video call applications, and other tool kits that make the communication effective.

Work Across all the platforms: Office 365 software can be used across all the available platforms. It is compatible with Windows devices, Mac devices, Android phones, tablets, iOS smartphones, and else.

Advanced Document Features: For making your work more innovative and powerful, Office offers several features such as creative fonts, designer templates, layouts, numerous icons, and much more.

Online threat Protection: Documents created for your business work, home usage, school projects, and more contains lots of information that needs to be protected. Considering this, Office 365 provides the ransomware protection to all your documents and photos from various cyber-attacks.

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